Shannon Davis Story


"I believe that everyone deserves to have their own version of photography in their home and lives.  The dictionary defines photography as "The art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface."  This might be true, but the photography that I bring to each is "Capturing Love; Developing Life; It's Energetic; It's Engaging; It's....... Whatever Makes Your Heart Sing."  You get to define what photography is to you."

Shannon Davis


A loving wife of 17 years, a mother of three, and grandmother to my beautiful granddaughter Aaliyah, I'm a believer of God and Deacon of my church.  I have been working in the medical field, as a nurse, for 20 years, and for the past 7 years, I've been the happiest in the Operating Room. In my spare time, I am an author who has written four novels.


I've always had a love and passion for taking pictures, even with my toy View Master. Then I upgraded to Polaroid, Kodak 110, the 35mm, cell phone & now digital. I adore capturing memories and seeing the joy on the faces of family, friends & clients. Seven years ago, I took a college course on Photography, while fulfilling my Humanities requirement for my Bachelor's Degree, and it was on from there. My mission is to provide a custom experience and capture memories that lasts a lifetime. I'm looking forward to meeting you, growing with your family, capturing your milestones, dancing at your weddings, seeing your babies grow, and the smile on your face.


I'm the photographer that will celebrate your achievements, fix your hair, climb under your wedding dress, cuddle and feed your babies to soothe them, stand on tables and lay on floors to get the shot, and get my groove on on your dance floor. Every image I take I love like it's my child. When I see a picture I've taken posted on social media, I know it's mine and remember the moment it was taken. I've been willing to travel and will always rearrange my home for portrait and holiday sessions.  Now, in 2021, I'm proud to say I will have my own studio space. 


I truly believe in loving life and loving one another. I try daily to do all my work as unto the Lord; whether caring for patients or having a family photo session. I honestly don't know too many people that have two careers they love! God truly gets the glory for this. I LOVE what I do day and night! I truly believe in having a great time in every situation. I don't like to let the grass grow under my feet. You have to constantly evolve. If not life will be dull. My newest adventure is building a business that not only I am proud of, but you are too. To build a business that will leave generational wealth for my family.

My favorite show of all time is The Golden Girls. My other hobbies include dancing, reading, adult coloring books, TV, shopping, and sleeping. I'm in love with my silver streak in the front of my hair. I think it gives character and a sign of wisdom.

This is me! Shannon Davis Photography, LLC!


Serving Monmouth, Ocean County and Surrounding Areas.  Now Accepting Photo Sessions Out of State

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